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Two Shots

Take two shots. Duh.

(keep this)

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is the popular party game where you get to be as terrible a person as you always have been, but out loud! Don't know what it is? Check it out over at their website.

Cards Against Sobriety

Cards Against Sobriety is a drinking card game expansion for Cards Against Humanity. Shuffle the cards into your deck, and let the fun begin!

Basic Rules

Cards Against Sobriety (CAS) follows the same rules as Cards Against Humanity, with a couple of simple additions.

  • Randy - Each round, play an extra card (or set of cards) from the top of the deck, as if another player was playing. This is Randy's card(s). If Randy wins, everyone takes a drink.
  • Black Cards - If you flip over a black card from the CAS deck, it takes effect immediately. Black cards last until the end of the round, unless otherwise noted.
  • White Cards - If you draw a white card from the CAS deck, it may take effect immediately, or you may hold it until you want to use it. This varries by what it says on the card. For instance, a "one shot" card effects you immediately. But, the "can of whoop ass" card is your secret weapon. Use your judgement.

Please, Play responsibly.

Cards against sobriety will get you seriously drunk. Don't drink and drive, and please be aware of your limits.
We recommend drinking a glass of water for every glass of liquor you finish.